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Cianjhen Junior high school
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    #  The History of Kaohsiung Municipal Chien Chen Junior High School
陳啟川校長為本校進行破土奠基典禮 照片說明 
  Chien Chen Junior High School was founded in 1965.  It was first named Kaohsiung Eleventh Junior High School, and the first principal is Mr. Lin Mao-Rong.  In the beginning of building the school, teachers and students went through a hard time.  They needed to borrow the classrooms of Chien Chen Elementary School to teach and study.
  In order to carry out the policy of Nine-year National Education, Kaohsiung City Government changed the name of the school into “Kaohsiung Municipal Chien Chen Junior High School” in August, 1968.  In 1970, CCJH stood for Kaohsiung city to be commended by the Governor because of her outstanding accomplishments.
  In 1973, seeing the necessity for helping illiterate people in this area, the government commanded that the school should set up a subsidiary evening junior high school.  Tzen Chien-po, the first principal, opened enrollment for students of six classes.  The citizens entered the school eagerly and studied very hard so that they could all pass the proficiency test with excellent grades.  So far, there are still three classes at school.
In the same year, to consider the students who lived around Li Tzu Nei the safety, convenience, and time from home to school, the government set up Ruei Feng Junior High School as a branch school.  The Principal of Chien Chen Junior High School, Mao-jung Lin, was appointed to be the preparation director of the branch school as the second job.  Because the branch school building was built up slow, the students went studying in Ruei Feng Elementary School temporarily.
      In February, 1976, the Principal Mao-jung Lin was transferred to Wu Fu Junior High School, so the Principal of Tsoying Junior High School, Chi-jung Chen, took over his post as the Principal of Chien Chen Junior High School.
  In January, 1986, principal Chen Chii-yong was transferred to Dah-ren junior high school.  Mr. Chen Jin-her, principal of Chyi-jihn junior high school, took over CCJH till he retired on February 1, 1995.  Then Mr. Chen Bao-yeong, principal of Ho-ping junior high school, succeeded him.  In August 2002, after Mr. Chen’s retirement, Mr. Lin Wen-jaan, the prefect of Ming-tsu junior high school, appointed as the principal of CCJH.  CCJH has been established over three decades.  Today there are more than seven hundred students in day school and seventy students in night school.
      The area of our school is six point two hectares.  In order to achieve modern standard, we draw up long-term developmental plans for school building and landscape beautifying in advance.  Besides, we pay attention to the light and atmosphere in general classrooms.  According to learning characteristics, we meticulously design the laboratory and the classroom of art skill to enrich educational contents and have learning effects.
  We have put much emphasis on students’ life education in order to achieve the goal of nine-year system education.  We ask our students to be hard-working in all aspects.  They learn not only to do their best in lesson studies but also to be responsible for their own behaviors.  That is, students are expected to be well-educated in moral culture as well as in intellectual development.  Besides, students are asked to take physical trainings to strengthen their body.  Also, students are taught to be cooperative in dealing with affairs and to be sensitive in aesthetic appreciation.
  So far, we have set up three physical gifted education classes, which focus on developing volleyball players.  As everyone knows, splendid performances have been made by these excellent players through the years.  In the year of 2004, we’re going to set a special education class for mentally gifted students, hoping to enrich the development of gifted special education.
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No. 17,Sinya Rd., Cianjhen District, Kaohsiung City 80673, Taiwan(R.O.C)
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